Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring Angel

Here is my Spring Angel as she looked when she returned from the Sept 2010 RR:
So, I've made some progress on my Spring Angel.  Here's after two movies with DH:
She has hair!  After several years, I have now completed her face and have started  on her violin (mandolin).  YEAH!  I'll post pics of her soon.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 2012 Mira Ready to Go!

So after countless hours of stitching, I'm finally ready to send off my MIRA project.  (I won't see her for almost an entire year!).  Here's how she looks before she hops in the mail:

And a closeup:

My theme is Roses.  I chose to stitch Rose Arbour.  So all the Ladies have something to do with roses (or flowers).  When it comes back, I will have (in addition to Rose Arbour) Rose of Sharon, Damask Roses, Rose Celebration, Garden Beauty, Blossom Harvest, Lady of the Mist and Sabrina stitched in the diamonds.  In  the triangle borders, I've asked each lady in our group to stitch a rose or bouquet in the triangles on the side or bottom as I have done and to also stitch their initials somewhere in the flower as well.  I look forward to seeing the progress on it and especially getting it back in December!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Final Days (12 -15)

So it was a fun 15 days!  A bit hectic, as I am trying to get my UFO RR and MIRA RR stitched and out the door this week!  Whoopie!  Here are pics from the last "Crazy Days". :)

Day 12: Antique Sampler (Ellen Maurer free 12-month patterns):

Day 13: Marriage Sampler for DH & Me

Day 14: Music Lover

Day 15: Four Seasons Bunnies

Now it's off to the WIPocalypse projects! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Page

So I'm still getting the hang of blogging.  I found where to add pages!  Yeah me!  So here's where I'll be posting my full moon pictures during the WIPocalypse.  I'm so proud of myself!

Day 11

So I started Day 11 @ 11:40 PM.  Here's what I did in those 20 mins (and then some into Day 12).
I substituted my Snowflakes for this free hummingbird pattern by Teresa Wetzler.  This will be my first project with 1 over 1. (The hummingbird will be 1 over 1, the rest of the project is 2 over 2).  As you can see, this will be a tiny project.  I'm thinking of giving it to my sister for her birthday.  I have until April!
Better head off to bed.  I have to play keyboard for our Ladies' Bible Study.  Don't want to be falling asleep at the keyboard! :)

Happy Stitching.

P.S. I posted my picture for Day 10 as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 WIPocalypse List

Here is my list for 2012:

1) Baby Sampler for Alex (#3 child)

2) Spring Angel (Lavender & Lace)

3) Winter Angel (L & L)

4) Angel of Love (L & L)

5) Easter Egg Sampler (The Drawn Thread)

6) Summer Afternoon (Chatelaine)

7) June 2011 Mira (Angel Proclamation)

Of course there is my Crazy2012 list and I will add those projects after January as I will try to finish many of the small ones before February.  Then I can focus on my larger projects like my angels and my son's cross stitch which is pretty much done except for the all the backstitching.

WIPocalypse 2012

I meant to post this on Monday, as that was the full moon.  But here is what I've been working on this month:
 This is my Mira cross stitch that will be circulating the globe in 2012.  I'm finishing up my Lady, Rose Arbour and the diamonds and Algerian eyelets.  I have a lot to finish up before she goes out next week.  Wish me luck!

Here's a close up of Rose Arbour and the trellis at the top:

The trellis is from Garden Beauty.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into my Roses theme for this Mira RR.

Just for fun, here is my first Mira that I sent out last June.  I haven't finished my square yet, but will get it done this year (of course!):

The angels are from Nora Corbett's Angel Proclamation pattern.  I look forward to finishing this!  :)

Days 7, 8, 9 and 10

It was so nice to have a few days completed in the Challenge.  Now I've got four more days under my belt.  I am happy with the progress.  Here's what I've been working on:

Day 7/8:
Here's the pattern I used for my project.  I adapted it for my project as I am going to sew this into a Christmas Memory Quilt of my family.  Each child of ours will have their own tree with a picture of themselves.  Here are my daughter's and my two sons' trees (#7 and #8):

Lauren's tree
Sebastien's tree (#7)

Alexander's tree (#8)
Day 9: 
Day 10 is the companion ornament to this one.    Here's what it will look like when it's finished:

And here's how it looks now:

Not the best photo quality, oh well!

 Happy Stitching Everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Three days complete!

So since I finished Days 4, 5 and 6, I have a few days to catch up on my RRs.  Here are pics of my first three days' projects.  I'm really excited to get these done as I found a new quilt shop which happens to be next to the new location of the music studio that I teach at.  Fancy that! :)  Dear hubby told me I need to park on the other side of the building so I can't see the shop.  Yeah right!  Like that will stop me when I walk to the front door of the music studio. 

Here's Day 1 before I started.
 And here's how much I got done.

Day 2:  I chose this border for my second quilt square.  I am only doing the inner part of the border (so no pinwheels in the corner)

Here's my block before:

And after:

Day 3:

This one will be a challenge as the pattern I chose is not a border but a band from a Christmas stocking.  I chose it because it has miniature Christmas trees.  I will put something in the corners and then have the trees following along the rest of the sides.  It should work out after I graph it.

Enjoy the pictures.  Back to organizing my projects for the WIPacolypse. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm happy to report that I've completed three out of my 15 JanuaryCrazy List.  They are #s 4, 5 & 6.  Here is a picture of my mini stockings.  (I can finally pack them away with the rest of the Christmas ornaments!) :)