Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11

So I started Day 11 @ 11:40 PM.  Here's what I did in those 20 mins (and then some into Day 12).
I substituted my Snowflakes for this free hummingbird pattern by Teresa Wetzler.  This will be my first project with 1 over 1. (The hummingbird will be 1 over 1, the rest of the project is 2 over 2).  As you can see, this will be a tiny project.  I'm thinking of giving it to my sister for her birthday.  I have until April!
Better head off to bed.  I have to play keyboard for our Ladies' Bible Study.  Don't want to be falling asleep at the keyboard! :)

Happy Stitching.

P.S. I posted my picture for Day 10 as well.

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