Monday, January 16, 2012

Final Days (12 -15)

So it was a fun 15 days!  A bit hectic, as I am trying to get my UFO RR and MIRA RR stitched and out the door this week!  Whoopie!  Here are pics from the last "Crazy Days". :)

Day 12: Antique Sampler (Ellen Maurer free 12-month patterns):

Day 13: Marriage Sampler for DH & Me

Day 14: Music Lover

Day 15: Four Seasons Bunnies

Now it's off to the WIPocalypse projects! :)


  1. Well done, we did it! Crazy but relieved. Now to get down to some serious stitching!

    1. Thanks Gillie! I'd love to come over the pond and stitch with you someday! :)

  2. Well done from here too :) You can be broud that you managed to start 15 new projects in a just 15 days!